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Order Megaloptera - The Fishflies and Dobsonflies
Alderfly larvae Fishfly or Dobsenfly larvae  
The Megaloptera are a relatively small group of insects in which the larval forms are aquatic. When the larvae is ready to pupate it will crawl out of the water and find a suitable place to pupate and transform itself to it's adult form. There are two Families of Megaloptera, the fishflies and dobsonflies (Family Corydalidae), and the alderflies (Family Sialidae). Megaloptera larvae have a similar appearance to some of the larval beetles (Order Coleoptera) but can be usually distinguished by having lateral filaments and either a pair of prolegs with hooks on the terminal abdominal segment (Family Corydalidae) or a single long filament on the end of the abdomen (Sialidae).

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