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Group 2

Order Trichoptera - the caddisflies - Last abdominal segment with 2 lateral appendages bearing hooks (Fig. 1), often found in cases of sand or plant material (Fig. 2).

Hydropsychidae posterior Leptoceridae body & case
Order Lepidoptera - Caterpillar like (Fig. 3), abdomen with at least two pairs of fleshy prolegs bearing tiny hooks called crochets (Fig. 4).

Pyralidae body Pyralidae crochets
Order Megaloptera - Side of abdomen with 7 or 8 pairs of filaments or gills (Fig. 5), last segment with either hooked side appendages (Fig. 6) or one long caudal filament.(Fig. 7).

Sialidae body Corydalidae posterior Sialidae terminal filament
Order Neuroptera - Small larvae with long styletlike appendage for mouthparts (Fig. 8), gills usually folded beneath abdomen. Neuroptera appear similar to Figure 9.

Sisyridae mouth Sisyridae body
Order Coleoptera (larval forms) - Never has prolegs present (Fig. 10), usually with six well developed thoracic legs present (Fig. 11), never has wing pads present, but often has sclerotized plates on the back of the thorax and abdominal segments (Fig. 12).

Elmidae body Lampyridae body Dytiscidae body

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