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Group 1

Order Ephemeroptera - the mayflies - Mouth usually regular chewing type, larvae with usually 3 prominent caudal filaments (Fig. 1), presence of lateral gills on abdomen (Fig. 2), and legs with one tarsal claw (Fig. 3).

Caenidae tail Ephemeridae body Heptageniidae tarsi
Order Plecoptera - the stoneflies - Larvae usually with 2 prominent caudal filaments (Fig. 4), gills are feathery and can be found on thorax (Fig. 5), head, or abdomen; legs have two tarsal claws. Figure 6 is an example of the dorsal view of a Plecoptera.

Perlodidae cerci Perlidae gills Perlidae body
Order Odonata - the damselflies and dragonflies - Labium (lowerlip) modified into a structure that can be extended forward (Fig. 7), some have 3 caudal appendages that are broader than filaments found in Ephemeroptera (Fig. 8). Odonata may be similar to Figure 9.

Lestidae labrum Coenagrionidae lamellae Both larval types

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