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Nonwinged aquatic insects

Group 1 - Six legs (Fig. 1), 2 to 3 prominent caudal filaments (Fig 2) or end of abdomen having several sharp points (Fig. 3), usually with wing pads (Fig. 4) (Includes Orders Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera, and Odonata)

Heptageniidae body Caenidae tail Libellulidae posterior

Polymitarcyidae wing
Group 2 - Six legs (Fig. 5-7), no wing pads (Fig 5), (Includes Orders Trichoptera, Lepidoptera, Megaloptera, Neuroptera, and larval Coleoptera)

Hydropsychidae pronotum Sialidae body Elmidae body
Order Hemiptera - Six legs (Fig 8), beaklike mouthparts for piercing sucking (Fig. 9).

Notonectidae body Nepidae head
Order Collembola - Six legs, small in size, abdomen with six or fewer segments (Fig. 10).

Sminthuridae body
Order Diptera - No true legs present on thorax (Fig. 11) - may have fleshy protuberances on thorax but they are not jointed (Fig. 12 & 13).

Ceratopogonidae body Simulidae proleg Empididae body

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