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Order Hemiptera - Family List

The giant water bugs. These insects are fairly large predators found in aquatic environments. They grasp their prey, inject enzymes that breakdown body tissues, and suck out the resulting fluids.

The water boatmen. Common grazing insects in aquatic environments. Distributed throughout North Dakota.

The water striders. Often seen skating across the surface of the water.

The velvet water bugs. Small, inconspicuous bugs that are not commonly collected in North Dakota.

The marsh treaders. Small bugs with a long head found in ponds.

The water treaders. Small insects usually found crawling on floating or emergent vegetation.

The creeping water bugs. Flattened, oval bugs that crawl and swim in a variety of aquatic habitats. Found primarily in western North Dakota.

The water scorpions. Long, thin predators that hang upside down from vegetation waiting for prey to swim by.

The backswimmers. These are submerged swimming bugs that swim upside down. They have a whitish back and are predators.

The pygmy backswimmers.

The shore bugs. As suggested by their name, these insects are found along shorelines.

The Short Legged Striders

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