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Order Hemiptera

Key to Hemiptera adults. There are eleven Families of Hemiptera that have been collected in North Dakota rivers and streams. We have broken down those eleven Families into four groups, two of which belong to the Gymnocerata and two which are Cryptocerata. Examine the descriptions and pictures shown below and decide which group your specimen best fits.

Group 1 - Antennae easily visible from above head (Fig. 1) and claws originating before the tip of tarsus (Fig. 2). Families include Gerridae and Veliidae.

Gerridae antennae Veliidae claws
Group 2 - Antennae easily visible from above head (Fig. 3) and claws originating from tip of tarsus (Fig. 4). Families include Saldidae, Mesoveliidae, Hebridae, and Hydrometridae.

Saldidae antennae Mesoveliidae claw
Group 3 - Antennae inserted beneath eyes and usually not visible from above (Fig. 5), forelegs raptorial (Fig. 6). Usually long and thin or flat and oval predators. Families include Nepidae, Naucoridae, and Belostomatidae

Belostomatidae antennae Belostomatidae leg
Group 4 - Antennae inserted beneath eyes and usually not visible from above (Fig. 7), forelegs not raptorial. One set of legs may be modified into swimming paddles (Fig. 8). Families include Corixidae, Pleidae and Notonectidae.

Corixidae antennae Corixidae foreleg

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