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Order Hemiptera - The Pygmy Backswimmers
Distinguishing characteristics - The pygmy backswimmers are small bugs with a body that is strongly convex dorsally (Fig. B). Their middle and hind legs with swimming hairs (Fig. C). Ventral side of Pleidae (Fig. D). At first glance they may appear to be small beetles, but closer examination will reveal the three or four segmented, cylindrical beak which identifies it as a Hemiptera.

Genus Neoplea: Only one genus of pigmy backswimmer is found in North Dakota, Neoplea.

Genus - Neoplea

Tolerance Value - Undetermined

Feeding Group - Predators

Notes - Pygmy backswimmers are found in still water, crawling in the vegetation. They are predators that feed primarily on Ostracods and other crustacea. The size of the Pygmy Backswimmers at maturity is less than 3 mm. The pygmy backswimmers are very small bugs with a strongly convex shape. Their wings are much more beetle like than other bugs but the beak-like mouth easily distinguishes them as bugs. Usually found crawling on aquatic vegetation.

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