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Order Neuroptera - The Spongillaflies
Distinguishing characteristics - The spongillaflies are soft bodied bugs with long antennae and lots of bristles on their body. They do not have tail-like structure or wing pads (Fig. A). Their mouthparts are modified into a sucking apparatus (Fig. B). Antennae are long (Fig. C). The tarsi ends in a single claw (Fig. D). The abdomen has many bristles (Fig. D).

Genus - Climacia

Tolerance Value - Undetermined

Feeding Group - Undetermined

Notes - The aquatic Neuroptera are a very small group restricted to only one family - the Sisyridae. The larvae are associated with fresh water sponges hence the name spongillafly. They feed on the sponges with their stylet like mouth.

They overwinter as prepupae or as larvae. They are generally found anywhere that the sponges are found. The size of the Spongillaflies at maturity is 3-8 mm.

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