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Family Culicidae

Key to Culicidae Larvae. This key covers larvae of the 2 genera of Culicidae that we have collected in North Dakota rivers and streams. Other genera of mosquitoes may be present in North Dakota, but because we mainly collect from flowing water bodies, we rarely collect mosquito larvae. This key aids by providing simple features you can look for to identify your specimen. After using the key, confirm the identity of your specimen by reading the genus page.

Genus Aedes - A siphon is clearly visible extending from the eighth abdominal segment (Fig. 1). A pair of hairs or hair tufts should be visible in the middle or towards the tip of the siphon (Fig. 2). The overall body appears as in Figure 3.

Aedes siphon Aedes siphon hair Aedes body
Genus Anopheles - No siphon is visible extending from the eighth abdominal segment (Fig. 4). Fan-shaped setae are visible on the dorsal surface of some of the abdominal segments (Fig. 5). Overall body appears as in Figure 6.

Anopheles have no siphon Anopheles setae Anopheles body

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