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Order Coleoptera

Genus Dineutus
Distinguishing characteristics - Larger species, 9-15 mm in length. The elytra are smooth or with shallow, indistinct striae, or grooved stripes (Fig. B). The scutellum is concealed, as no small triangle appears on the thorax (Fig. C). Dineutus has dorsal and ventral eyes (Fig. D).

Tolerance Value - 4

Feeding Group - Predator

Notes - The Family Gyrinidae is known as the “Whirligig Beetles” due to their tendency of gyrating or skating in schools supported by surface tension. Their antennae are short and thick and the middle and hind legs are modified to resemble paddles much more than legs. Their eyes are divided into two parts with the lower being below the water surface and the upper being in the air. Copulation occurs on the water surface, and the female lays her eggs on stems of emergent vegetation a few centimeters below the surface of the water. They are one of the best known of the water beetle families, and give off a fruity odor when handled. Dineutus is one of the two genera of Gyrinidae found in North Dakota.

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