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Order Ephemeroptera - Family List

The small minnow mayflies. A very common group in North Dakota waters. Small and delicate larvae which are easily damaged if not handled properly.

The armored mayflies. Uncommon group in North Dakota. Larvae have a very distinctive appearance.

The small squaregills. Another common North Dakota mayfly.

The common burrowers. Found mainly in the eastern part of the state, can be found in large numbers in certain localities.

The flatheaded mayflies. Larvae have a distinctive flattened appearance. Common in most the state.

The brushlegged mayflies. Found sporadically throughout the southern half of the state.

The stout little crawlers.

The pronggills. Although the family is distributed across the state, it is made up of primarily two distinct genera. One genera is more typical of eastern North Dakota and other genera is found mainly in western North Dakota. The two genera have a very different appearance, but should key out to the same family with our key.

The pale burrowers. Larvae are very similar to the common burrowers (Family Ephemeridae). Not as widely distributed however.

The hacklegills. Restricted mainly to the Sheyenne River in eastern North Dakota, but can be found in large numbers in several areas of the Sheyenne.

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