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Order Diptera

Group 3

Family Stratiomyidae - Body depressed and integument leathery, about half of the head capsule is visible with obvious eye structures, has a tuft of hairs on the end of the abdomen and some have ventral hooks (Fig. 1).

Family Tabanidae - Body not depressed or leathery, body usually has several rows of tubercules along it, head capsule is well developed (Fig. 2) and posterior spiracles are present (Fig. 3), opening within slits on either side of a vertically linear stigmatal bar or a retractile, laterally reduced spine. Appearance as in Figure 4.

Tabanidae head Tabanidae tail segment Tabanidae body
Family Athericidae - Body not depressed or leathery (Fig. 5), posterior end of abdomen with two projections that are fringed with hairs (Fig. 6), abdominal segments have each with a pair of prolegs which have tiny hooks on them. Appearance like Figure 7.

Athericidae head Athericidae proleg Athericidae body
Family Dolichopodidae - Body not depressed or leathery, head capsule reduced to a pair of metacephalic rods expanded posteriorly (Fig. 8), and the posterior end of the abdomen has a spiraclular pit surrounded by various lobes (Fig. 9). Appearance as in Figure 10.

Dolichopodidae head Dolichopodidae posterior Dolichopodidae body
Family Empididae - Body not depressed or leathery, head capsule reduced to a pair of rods similar to the Dolichopodidae (Fig. 11) but the posterior spiracles are either on the surface or on distinct raised processes, not in a pit (Fig. 12). Overall appearance as in Figure 13.

Empididae head Empididae posterior Empididae body

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