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Order Ephemeroptera - The Flatheaded Mayflies
Distinguishing characteristics - The flatheaded mayflies are aptly named because of their distinctly flattened bodies with outspread legs (Fig. B). Their claws(black arrow) are shorter than tarsi(white arrow) (Fig. C). Their head has a horizontal orientation (Fig. D) and gills on abdominal segments 2-5 are usually plate like with basal gill tufts or flaps (Fig. E).

Tolerance Value - 4

Feeding Group - Scraper

Notes - There are 128 species of Heptageniidae in North America. Heptageniidae larvae can usually be found in lotic and lentic (erosional) areas. Heptageniidae are generally clingers and can be often found on submerged rocks and logs. Some are collectors (gathers) and some species are even predators (engulfers). The size of the Flatheaded Mayflies at maturity is 5-20 mm excluding tail.

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