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Order Diptera - The Watersnipe Flies
Distinguishing characteristics - The larvae of the watersnipe flies have abdominal segments containing ventral pairs of prolegs (Fig. B) bearing crochets (Fig. C) and terminal processes longer than the terminal prolegs (Fig. D). These terminal processes have distinctive hairs on them. The head capsule is well developed dorsally (Fig. E) with the sclerotized portions of the head capsule sometimes exposed (Fig. E).

Genus - Atherix

Tolerance Value - 2

Feeding Group - Predator

Notes - The size of the watersnipe fly larvae at maturity is 12-18 mm.

Genus Atherix: There is one genus of Athericidae, Atherix, found in North Dakota (and most of North America). The larvae are predators, eating other fly and mayfly larvae. They can be found in the riffle areas or vegetation of rivers and streams. Adults do not bite humans or animals.

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